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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property law concerns the management of ideas. Without careful and thorough protection, intellectual property rights can fall into the public domain diminishing their value, sometimes to nothing.

However your intellectual property can be a valuable asset for you or your business if you take the important steps at the correct time.

Intellectual property rights are embodied in a surprisingly wide variety of products and services. This includes obvious examples such as famous brand names, works of art, films, music and books, to scientific processes, computer programs, databases, industrial designs and even confidential information. It is even possible these days to own and protect rights in distinctive smells and colours.

Whilst some protection of these rights is granted by the law without your needing to actively do anything, other protections need to be implemented. For example registering trade marks, design rights, patents and domain names are where our advice may be invaluable.

With safeguards in place, it is possible to buy, sell, license and otherwise exploit your intellectual property rights. This prevents others from copying your ideas, with the full weight of the law behind you.

We can help you to secure, protect and enforce your intellectual property rights whether you are an individual or part of a larger business.

Our work includes:

  • Patents, copyright, trademarks and design rights
  • Brand protection
  • Registered and unregistered design rights
  • Enforcing infringement of intellectual property rights
  • Licensing of intellectual property rights
  • Confidentiality and breaches of confidence
  • Drafting licence agreements
  • Drafting publishing agreements
  • Contractual documentation.

Our specialist solicitors can review and advise you upon any current or proposed intellectual property documentation and can prepare any intellectual property document required for your business.

For further information, contact us on 01823 446200 or submit an online enquiry and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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