As a well respected family department with a good reputation, we act for a broad range of clients, including armed forces, business owners, farmers and public sector employees. We also support parents who have issues with the local authority and act as the guardian for children in care proceedings.

We offer advice in a constructive way to minimise dispute. Our solicitors have over twenty five  years experience  at finding creative, practical and cost-effective solutions, tailored to your specific need.

We know that divorce and separation are the most stressful times in anyone’s life and will always listen to your concerns and at the same time provide you with sensible options and solutions without ever imposing on you. You will be kept informed as to the progress of your case and if your issues cannot be resolved through negotiations or mediation, we will fight your corner in the court process.

What we do:

  • Advocacy
  • Care proceedings
  • Change of Name deeds
  • Children Act issues
  • Collaborative law
  • Divorce 
  • Drafting Agreements
  • Enforcement of Financial and Children Act Orders
  • Legal funding Orders
  • Mediation
  • Personal protection Orders
  • Pre-Nuptial and Post Nuptial agreements
  • Property protection Orders
  • Separation
  • TOLATA claims
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With around two thirds of marriages ending in divorce, many people will find themselves facing one of the most challenging and terrifying experiences of their lives.  Therefore, making the right choices right at the beginning of the process can be key to making sure you get the best outcome for you and your family.

Whether you are entering a legal agreement with your partner or your relationship is breaking down, our family law solicitors can work with you and offer comprehensive advice. When children are involved we are always sensitive to both their needs and yours as a parent or guardian.

Whatever your situation, we will support and guide you with our  legal advice and common sense approach, always acting in your best interests and in the interests of any children involved. Our clients trust us because we listen to their needs, understand their concerns and are prepared to fight their corner.

The Pardoes Family team has a wide  range of expertise and experience across every area of family law, and has a solid reputation for handling complex cases. Relationships play a big part in everyone’s lives and we believe we offer an essential role in resolving family disputes for our clients, whether they are at the beginning of a relationship or the end.

Our family law experts provide tailored, individual advice across a broad range of areas concerning relationships, children and finances. The breadth of our family services means we have a wealth of experience to draw on, which enables us to work through often complex and difficult situations. We offer a compassionate approach to resolving family disputes because we understand how stressful it can be.

We always consider whether an agreement can be reached between parties, through mediation or negotiation. This cost effective approach means that our clients can often avoid the uncertainty of going to court and is considered best practice by family lawyers’ group Resolution, of which we are members.

If court is the only option we will always offer guidance, support and legal advice throughout proceedings so you can concentrate on your family – who are at the end of the day what this is all about.

Adverse possession

Pardoes can offer advice and assistance with regard to acquiring land you have been using through exclusive possession over a period of time.


We are experienced advocates and can represent you in the Magistrates Court or County Court to support and promote your case.

  • Personal protection Orders
  • Property protection Orders
  • Legal funding Orders
  • Enforcement of Financial and Children Act  Orders
  • Children Act Applications
  • Financial Remedy Applications

Care Proceedings

We have a Children Panel specialist who can offer a wealth of experience and represent you in care proceedings at every stage.

Children Act issues

We can advise or mediate to assist you with reaching a resolution as to how you spend time with your children. If court proceedings are needed, we can represent you and present your case in the best way possible.


We can offer the Collaborative service which is where couples can discuss options with their on lawyers in a round table setting/ Children issues and/or financial issues can be resolved using this process.


We can advise you of the appropriate ground,  issue proceedings, advise you about each stage and negotiate costs.

Drafting Agreements

When agreement is reached it is important to have a properly drafted settlement to ensure it is legally binding and enforceable. We can provide this.

Enforcement proceedings

Sadly, obtaining an Order from the Court or signing a Settlement Agreement is not the end of a case in many situations. We never advise people to throw good money after bad however, if you find yourself needing to issue enforcement proceedings, we can advise on the prospects of that recovery and the options that are available.

Lease extension/ enfranchisement

These procedures are governed by detailed legislation which must be carefully followed. We can assist you here in order to ensure you comply with the many deadlines and prescribed procedures.


We are experienced and accredited mediators and can offer a mediation service to resolve issues concerning children or finances.

Party walls

The rules which govern work to party walls and other work carried out close to or at the boundary between neighbouring properties are set out in the Party Wall etc Act 1996 (“the 1996 Act”). Although a reasonably short, self contained act, it is complex with regard to the various definitions of party walls, to the information required to serve a notice and the timing of the same. We can assist in advising both the building owner and the adjoining owner as well as recommend an experienced and effective party wall surveyor.

Personal Protection Orders

We have much experience dealing with unlawful occupiers, offering a fast, reliable and cost-effective legal remedy where self help is not an option. We can assist with all forms of trespass whether by people, overhanging properties/structures or gradual encroachment and nuisances such as noise, smells and even flooding.

Professional negligence

Sometimes a professional advisor can let you down, be it a solicitor, a surveyor or an architect, with regard to the advice given, a misunderstanding or a complete lack of understanding. We can help to pursue a negligence claim against them.


When parties separate, regardless of whether they are married or not, it is sensible to make an agreement as to how they are to live separately in terms of finances and the children. We can assist with negotiating an agreement and drawing up the Deed of Separation.

TOLATA claims

Cohabiting couples and other family members do not share the same rights in relation to property as those enjoyed by a husband and wife. However, there may be a remedy in the Trustees of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (TOLATA) and we are able to advise you on disputes as to the ownership of the property, including when only is one party is the registered owner. To avoid litigation in the future, please speak to our Family team.

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