Our Commercial Property team acts for a broad range of clients, including buyers/sellers and private landlords/tenants.

Our team has extensive local knowledge and specialises in a variety of commercial property matters.

We pride ourselves in listening to you, keeping you informed and being commercial in achieving your objectives.

What we do:

Acquisitions of commercial property

Acquisitions of land

  • Auction Packs
  • Charges, mortgages and Loan Agreements
  • Easements
  • First Registrations
  • Leases
  • Licence to Assign and Authorised Guarantee Agreements
  • Options and Conditional Contracts
  • Overages
  • Transfers

Acquisitions of commercial property

We assist with the sale and purchase of all types of commercial property, whether you are purchasing a café, a hotel, a post office, a garage or anything else. We also add value by liaising with our Employment and Corporate Commercial specialists who can advise you in respect of the employment and TUPE or business and contracts aspects of the sale or purchase.

Acquisitions of land

We deal with sales and purchases of land and advise you on matters that are particularly relevant to that land including access to it, covenants the land might be bound by and other environmental considerations.


We act for landlords and tenants in connection with both new and renewal leases. We can advise on the benefits of having certain clauses within your lease and your obligations under the lease. We can also add value by liaising with our Property Litigation team who can advise you in circumstances where lease obligations are not fulfilled for example your options as a landlord if your tenant has not paid their rent.


We prepare Overage Agreements and advise on what this means for you. Overage is a legally complex area that we have expertise in and can advise you on its implications.

Options and Conditional Contracts

We deal with the drafting and negotiation of Option Agreements and Conditional Contracts to ensure that the agreements are watertight, ready for them to be exercised in the future.


Drafting and preparing Transfer deeds, whether for part or whole, is a particular specialism that we deal with. We can also add value by liaising with our Private Client team who can advise you in respect of gifting, succession and lifetime planning.


We act for both mortgagees and mortgagors. We can advise you on your obligations under a Legal Charge and if acting for a Bank we can carry out the required due diligence in order to protect the Bank. We can also prepare Loan Agreements.


We can assist in formally documenting an easement, such as a right of way or right to use service media and deal with the registration of the easement at the Land Registry.

Licence to Assign and Authorised Guarantee Agreements

As a tenant we advise you on your obligations on assignment of a lease and as a landlord we can prepare the required Licence to Assign and Authorised Guarantee Agreement if required. We liaise with all parties to ensure that the lease passes seamlessly to the new tenant.

Auction Packs

If acting for a seller we can prepare an Auction Pack for an agent Auction. If acting for a buyer we can advise on an Auction Pack and deal with the post-auction completion and registration formalities.

First Registrations

We advise upon and deal with both registered and unregistered land. For unregistered land, we identify the root of title document and prepare an application for first registration.

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