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Eviction and Repossession

Have you had difficulties with your tenant?

Do you feel like you have no choice but to ask your tenant to leave?

Many landlords see eviction or repossession as a final resort, mainly as they are daunted by the process. We have experience in dealing with all types of eviction and repossession procedures.

Eviction or repossession follows the service of the appropriate notice. If the notice has been correctly served, there is very little discretion awarded to a County Court Judge in granting a possession order. Possession usually takes place within 14 - 42 days from the date of the possession order, but generally you can expect the order to state that your tenants should leave the property within 14–28 days after the hearing.

If the tenant does not vacate you may have to take further proceedings, in the form of a warrant of eviction. This is where the Bailiff attends the property and physically removes the tenant.

We can also advise you if there are squatters in your property. Although squatting has recently been made a criminal offence, it is still sometimes necessary to take proceedings in the Civil Court to remove squatters. This is a very document driven route and much depends on notices being served correctly and displayed prior to the hearing. We are more than happy to run through the scenarios that you may face when dealing with “persons unknown”.

To find out more contact our landlord and tenant/housing specialists today for an initial cost free telephone overview of your circumstances. Please telephone Bhavani Hogarty on 01935 385987, Chris Palucsis on 01935 382687 or Ella Carroll on 01935 385984. Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form and a member of the team will contact you as soon as possible.

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