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Devon and Plymouth NHS admit failings over haemorrhage death

Posted on 13 June 2013

Pardoes Medical Negligence Solicitors, failure to diagnose

Posted by Justin Goodman, Partner and Head of Medical Negligence

I was disappointed to read of yet more regret at opportunities missed, statements of understanding at a families devastation and apologies and promises to take on “ recommendations to prevent this occurring to another patient." This in connection with the death of Christine Smith, 67, from Braunton, Devon who died in July 2009 after doctors failed to diagnose a brain haemorrhage and as a consequence give her life-saving surgery.  

I understand that the case was settled against North Devon District Hospital, in Barnstaple for an undisclosed sum to cover the costs of caring for Mrs Smith's elderly mother.

A familiar story  in connection with a missed diagnosis following typical symptoms suggestive of a serious pathology. You must wonder if and when the statements from the Medical Directors at the various trusts will change as the same of old assurances are given each time this sort of thing happens but very little in terms of standards of care and ability to diagnose and follow guidelines change.

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