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Empty Properties

Posted on 15 April 2013

Empty Property

As many of you will know, from 1 April 2013, the government has made changes to council tax discounts and exemptions that can be applied to empty properties.

In general, each local authority has been granted powers to use their discretion on the discounts and exemptions to be applied.

In short, two exemptions have been abolished:

  • Class C – which was previously granted when someone moves out of their property and leaves it unoccupied and unfurnished; and
  • Class A – which was previously granted when the property was unnoccupied, unfurnished and undergoing or requires major repair works to return to habitability.

Councils can now choose whether to introduce a new discount for these circumstances, at what percentage and for how long.

Previously, local authorities could grant an exemption for 12 months for Class A and 6 months for Class C. In our region, the five authorities have not made any huge radical changes, but there are some changes, a table of which can be found by clicking here. The table also includes the discount that the five authorities are now applying for the 2nd Homes, Long Term Empty Properties and Empty Homes Premium categories too.

Article written by Sarah Doble

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