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Mother of disabled boy sues Queen's Hospital

Posted on 19 March 2013

The mother of a disabled baby is seeking medical negligence compensation from the Queen's Hospital in Romford, the BBC reported.

Emma Morgan is accusing staff at the hospital of failing to provide adequate care during the baby's delivery, which resulted in the child being starved of oxygen. As a result, the boy developed cerebral palsy and has a cluster of cysts on the back of his brain.

The mother claimed that staff at the hospital were aware of the fact that she was a high-risk pregnancy, as she was prone to placenta abruption. However, when she visited Queen's Hospital complaining of abdominal pain, the staff at the hospital sent her home without taking her concerns seriously or giving her a scan to check on the baby. Several hours later, the baby was delivered through an emergency caesarean section because he was already separated from the placenta. Although the surgery saved his life, the boy had already been severely disabled, Morgan said.

This is not the first time that Queen's Hospital's maternity unit has been under scrutiny because of errors made by the staff. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) investigated the hospital after the death of Serena Ali and her unborn baby. In July 2011, the hospital was put under emergency measures although 12 months later a report by the CQC concluded that the hospital was making progress, the BBC informed.

Emma Morgan has now started legal action against the hospital, claiming that had the staff taken her abdominal pain seriously and given her a scan, the baby could have been delivered earlier and would not have been starved of oxygen.

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