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Transforming Bailiff Action

Posted on 7 February 2013

Pardoes Debt Recovery Solicitors

Bailiffs are never thought of fondly but like it or not they perform an unenviable task which is incredibly important to the economy and our system of justice.  However, a few have been letting the side down and their aggressive behaviour and extortionate fees have forced the Government to review how bailiffs work.  They hope to weed out those who seem to think it necessary to intimidate and frighten their clients.

The Government published it’s response to the consultation paper “Transforming bailiff action” on 25 January 2013.  The response sets out 19 recommendations such as; requiring bailiffs to give debtors notice of at least 7 days before they begin enforcement and stopping bailiffs from entering premises where there are children or if it is past 9pm.

The new measures being introduced aim to clarify the law, introduce a transparent fee structure and regulate the way bailiff’s work whilst making it easier for Debtors and Creditors to understand their rights.  Nobody wants to see a bailiff at their door but if this does happen we need to know our rights.

Of course the best way to avoid meeting a bailiff is to pay your bills but if you are experiencing financial problems, telephone the person you owe the money to and explain the situation.  They would much prefer a call from you to discuss the matter than begin court proceedings against you.  Who knows you may be able to agree a way to clear the debt by instalments rather than a lump sum?

If you are owed money that you cannot recover then please give Stephanie Conlon, Debt Recovery Manager for Pardoes Solicitors a call on 01935 385993 to discuss what action would be best for you. 

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