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New law allows police to revoke short-sighted drivers' licences

Posted on 5 February 2013

Police officers are now entitled to revoke the licences of short-sighted motorists who are caught driving dangerously or who have taken part in road traffic accidents, within a few hours, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The new powers granted to the police aim to improve road safety and reduce the chances of accidents being caused due to motorists' inability to see and react to certain road conditions. Officers are now able to carry out an eye test on the spot if they suspect that a motorist is having eyesight problems. A driver will be asked to read a number plate from 20 metres and if they fail, police officers are entitled to request that a drivers' licence is revoked by an e-mail sent via their smartphone, so that the request is dealt with within hours.

The new law, known as Cassie's law, is being introduced following massive public support. It was proposed after the death of 16-year-old Cassie McCord. She was hit by an 87-year old driver who refused to surrender his licence after failing an eye test a couple of days prior to the accident. Previously, police officers could only request that a licence was revoked by post, which usually took several days, in which time the driver could be a risk to other traffic participants.

According to UK road safety minister Stephen Hammond, the DVLA and the police have worked closely to ensure that the process for revoking a licence is simplified, so that potentially dangerous drivers with inadequate eyesight are banned from the roads.

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