Liz Miles

Associate Solicitor and Head of Family
Direct Line:
01278 454415
Main Office:
Liz Miles, Associate Solicitor and Head of Family

Liz has been a specialist children’s solicitor for 15 years majority of which has been spent in the Worcestershire/Herefordshire courts. Liz is on the Law Society’s Children’s Panel which allows her to act for children, either directly or via instructions from Children’s Guardians.

 Liz deals with all matters relating to cases where the Local Authority (Social Services) become involved with the family.

 Liz represents all family members, for example parents, grandparents, and family friends. Liz has a particular skill with clients who have learning difficulties and has been instructed on many occasions by the Official Solicitor.

 Liz also acts for potential adopters and foster carers, who may need assistance in post Care proceedings. She acts for children through their Court appointed Guardians and also for children who are competent to instruct her directly. 

Liz has acted in cases involving end-of-life care, sexual abuse, non-accidental injuries, Factitious and Induced Illness (FII), and child deaths.

‘I come into people’s lives when their worlds are falling apart, I cannot wave a magic wand and fix everything. What I can do is to work with client, social workers, and other professionals, to obtain the best possible outcome, that is safe for the child. My advice is always from the point of view of what is best for the child as that is what the Court’s final decision will be based on.’

Out of work Liz enjoys reading books about History and visiting historic sites. She also enjoys cooking and having family and friends round.  She is a Volunteer for AgeUK.