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Negligent Architects

Professional negligence claims against Architects

Architects’ normally market themselves as having specialist or niche knowledge/experience/expertise that will help ensure project works are carried out safely; to a satisfactory standard; on time; and on budget.

Sometimes they profess that their professionalism and expertise means that you can be rest assured in the knowledge the project is in safe hands.

An Architect is generally employed by the developer (whom will often be called the Employer), i.e. the individual; firm or company having the works constructed or project undertaken. Developments can range from residential developments to one off bespoke/trophy projects.

When things go wrong on such projects there is invariably an adverse cost consequence for someone. If as Employer your Architect’s actions or failure to act has caused you a loss you may well be able to make a claim.

Sometimes even where the contractor appears to be at fault, for example for defective works, it is still possible to sue an Architect. Indeed, this is sometimes more advantageous than suing the contractor, particularly if they are in financial difficulties. An Architect will generally have Professional Indemnity Insurance that will cover claims against them.

If you feel that problems with your construction project have been caused by your Architect’s failings, our professional negligence lawyers will be able to help you. We will carry out the following review:

  • To determine exactly what contractual relationship existed between you and the Architect you have engaged
  • Determine whether those obligations and duties have been breached
  • What losses you have incurred as a result
  • How best to proceed with a claim and the likely costs.

Our aim is to give you as clear a picture of how strong your claim is and how much it is worth as soon as possible, and in any event before you take a decision to pursue the claim. Although sometimes, particularly in complex matters a specialist Barrister’s input will be needed.

Examples of potential claims include:

  • Problems with designs or drawings
  • A failure to adequately inspect or supervise works
  • A failure to correctly certify

If we feel you have good prospects of success and the value of your claim is sufficient we will be prepared to consider acting for you under a Conditional Fee Agreement – sometimes known as “No win, no fee”.

Sometimes though an Architect’s service, whilst inadequate, may not amount to negligence or an actionable breach of contract. If this is the case you still may have grounds to bring a complaint through the Architect’s professional body, the Architects’ Regulation Board (ARB) or the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) – we can assist.

Please note that these organisations are unable to make awards of compensation/damages for professional negligence and may decline to investigate/deal with a complaint if a claim is being pursued.

Accountants negligence claims call for specialist legal advice from solicitors who are experienced in dealing with negligent Architect cases. To make an appointment to discuss your claim, contact Andrew Kelly on 01278 454411, Nigel Kinder on 01278 454414 or freephone 0800 862 0442. Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form and we'll call you back as soon as possible.

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