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Insurance Brokers

Insurance is a fact of life in any business.

For example, businesses are often required by law to obtain Policies that covers injuries to their employees and the public.

However, often a business will require Insurance cover that goes beyond the legal minimum and will often engage an Insurance Broker to find suitable Insurance Policies that cover their needs.

It is not uncommon for a business to find that when a claim is made the Insurance Policy they thought would provide cover in such a scenario does not on closer inspection actually cover the claim or the claim is limited below the amount of the loss incurred.

In such circumstances if your Insurance Broker misrepresented the cover available under the Policy or failed to obtain the cover you requested you may be able to pursue a claim against the Broker.

If you feel that you have suffered loss because of your Insurance Broker we will carry out a review to determine:-

• Exactly what the contractual relationship was between you and your Insurance Broker;

• Whether the Broker’s obligations and duties under that contract have been breached;

• What losses you have incurred as a result;

• How best to proceed with a claim and the likely costs.

Our aim is to give you as clear a picture of how strong your claim is and how much it is worth as soon as possible and in any event before you take a decision to pursue the claim.

If we feel you have good prospects of success and the value of your claim is sufficient we will be prepared to consider acting for you under a Conditional Fee Agreement – sometimes known as “No win, No fee”.

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