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Claims between 6,500 and 10,000

Fixed Fee Small Claims Advice – Claims between £6,500 and £10,000

The Small Claims Court deals with commercial and civil litigation where the dispute has a monetary value of less than £10,000. Often, as a result of the ability to only recover minimal solicitor costs, claimants and defendants are often reluctant to seek legal help. Pardoes Solicitors will provide you with Small Claims Advice under our Fixed Fee Regime. You may choose what assistance you seek from us and with fixed costs from start to finish, the advice is delivered in a transparent and cost effective manner. If you have a claim worth more than £6,500, but less than £10,000 and wish to receive advice and assistance we can provide you with the following fixed fees service:

Stage 1 – Small Claims Advice

We will provide a 30 minute interview to include advice on the merits of bringing, or if applicable, defending a claim. Provide Court Forms and guidance on their completion and issuing the claim. We review the Court Forms you have prepared and advise you on any amendments needed, issue the Claim (but you pay the Court Fee).

We will complete the Request for Judgment or, where appropriate, advise you on completing a Directions Questionnaire (Court fees will be payable by the Claimant). If the matter is defended we will offer templates for witness statements with guidance notes on completing them.

Cost = £400 + VAT & disbursements Stage 2 – Submission of Evidence

We will spend up to 2 hours with you to review and amend your Witness Statements and advise on collation of further evidence or an expert report. We will produce the final bundle to be supplied to the Court and opponent (Hearing Fee will be payable by Claimant)

Cost = £600 + VAT & disbursements

Stage 3 – Representation at Final Hearing/Trial

Cost = £1000 + VAT & disbursements In some instances the Court may list additional hearings for case management to deal with an application. Such hearings will be the subject of a separate quote.

Court Fees are payable by you in addition to our legal fees. Certain Court Fees are calculated by reference to the value of the claim, details of which are available upon request. It may not always be possible due to the complexity of matters to offer advice under the above fixed fee regime.

In those circumstances our normal hourly rates plus VAT will apply but we will discuss your costs budget with you at the outset and before any fees are incurred by you or if something previously unpredicted happens in the case that means we can no longer offer to work on the fixed fee scheme.

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