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Diary of a Conveyancer (in these challenging times…) Part Eleven

Posted on 5 June 2020

Diary of a Conveyancer (in these challenging times…) Part Eleven

Following on from a busy week of completions last week, this week the trend has continued.

We have had several more completions and have numerous lined up for the coming weeks.

The main change I have experienced this week is a rise in requests for quotes for our legal fees and also new instructions.

I have kept in touch with the agents and brokers I work closely with throughout the difficult times over the past few weeks. The property industry has suffered somewhat so it is important to support local businesses so that we can all move forward in the coming weeks and months.

It is a positive sign to be receiving so many new instructions and to be speaking with so many new clients about their prospective sales and purchases.

We have been lucky in this area that the turnaround time for our searches has not experienced major delays. This means that those people who are looking to purchase a property in the coming months should find that they can still get their search results in a few weeks. I know that some areas of the country have had delays and are still experiencing delays with some councils still being closed and others working with reduced staffing levels.

Many of our clients and now prospective clients are also reporting to us that the delays in mortgage valuations are lessening. This means the brokers we work closely with are being able to help people put through more mortgage offers now than in recent months.

If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, are looking at buying your first home or upsizing or downsizing, please feel free to contact me or a member of my team. We would be happy to provide you with a quote and to discuss the process of buying and selling.

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