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Legally Speaking: Working from Home

Posted on 24 April 2020 by Catherine Murton

Legally Speaking: Working from Home

So, like many, I am now working predominantly from home. After a holiday to Thailand I found myself in self-isolation on my return and the world had changed beyond recognition in just fourteen days. However, I am sure everyone has heard enough of the challenges that face us in these extraordinary times and I thought I would share something to perhaps make you smile.

Whilst away my partner, Martin, suggested a traditional Thai massage. He is a stickler for research and located the highest rated local establishment on Tripadvisor. We were met by two lovely Thai ladies who explained that, for those less used to massage, we may want to plump for one with coconut milk that was very gentle. All of this quieted my slight apprehension and we were ushered through to a room with two massage tables and asked to each lie on a bed in our swimwear.

The bed had a hole at the top, with a rolled up towel around it to cushion my forehead and, as requested, I laid on my front with my face over the hole and my arms down by my sides. The masseuse poured coconut milk onto my back, spreading it out liberally, and was just about to start the procedure when my head sort of slipped and went down the hole. Unfortunately the towel moved into the gap and acted like a seal and, with my arms at my sides, I found that my head was trapped.

“Oh dear Madam, head stuck!” said my lovely masseuse, trying her best to pull her very slippery client out of the self-inflicted headlock.

After that she checked on my welfare every thirty seconds throughout the whole hour, with the mortifying words of “Madam’s head okay?” Martin appeared oblivious throughout and walking back to the hotel I recounted what had happened.

“Oh”, he said “I thought you’d just decided on a head massage”.

These are unprecedented and very difficult times and all of us at Pardoes continue to offer a full and high quality service as far as we are able to. We can offer telephone or video conferences and will meet clients if the circumstances are appropriate for us to do so. We will correspond by email wherever we are able to and many important documents can be signed at home, either with clear written instructions or with telephone guidance.

We understand how worrying the current situation is and that many of our clients will be in self-isolation for an extended period of time. If there is anything that our professional staff can assist with, even if it is just to put your mind at rest about the content of your Will or how power of attorney can be used, then please give us a call. There will be no charge unless you wish to instruct us.

Speed of transactions may be slightly reduced and, to accommodate childcare and homeworking procedures, we may make calls at times that are a little out of our usual working day. What we can guarantee is that we will all do everything possible to provide the help and support our clients need at this difficult time and we will try to keep our sense of humour throughout!

Sometimes adversity offers opportunity and my team and I hope that we can develop additional channels of communication and working procedures during this period that will enhance the service that we provide to our clients long into the future.

In the words of Franklin Roosevelt: “When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!”

I can be contacted on 01935 382680 or, alternatively, at catherine.murton@pardoes.co.uk.

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