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Why do we need to ID?

Posted on 7 February 2020 by Victoria Brewer and Laura Godfrey

Why do we need to ID?

As conveyancers we are often asked questions by our clients about our ID requirements. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions in case you have any queries:

Why do you need to see my ID documents?

There is no need for concern when we ask for ID documents from you as this is quite normal. We are subject to various laws, including the Money Laundering Regulations Act 2007 and the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, and we have to comply with them.

What ID documents do you need to see?

We are required to see original “Proof of Identity” (i.e. some sort of Photo ID) and original ”Proof of Address”. For example:

Proof of Identity (Photo ID)

  • Valid Full signed Passport
  • Valid EEA Member State Identity Card or Passport
  • Valid Photo Card UK or EEA Full Driving Licence

Proof of Address 

  • Debit/Credit Card Statement
  • Utility Bill (not mobile phone)
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Council Tax Demand

What if I don’t have any Photo ID?

There is no need to worry if you don’t have a form of Photo ID. In those instances you will just need to let us see two or more original examples of your Proof of Address.

Are there any other requirements regarding the Proof of Address?

Any Proof of Address must be less than 3 months old and must have been posted to your current living address (rather than being printed from the internet).

We understand that this can be frustrating as many people have online banking and are billed online for their utilities. However due to recent case law, we are further required to prove that you are “linked” to your property address and have physical access to it (which can be done by you showing us an original document from the list above which was posted to you).

From our experience your bank and utility providers will send out a paper bill or statement in the post to your address if requested.

What is the simplest way to have my ID documents certified?

We recommend making an appointment to visit one of our offices with your original documents so that one of our solicitors can make certified copies of your original documents.

When we certify documents we take copies of the ID documents and then stamp the copies to certify:

  • The document is an original document; and
  • (In the case of Photo ID) that you, as the person presenting the document, bare a true likeness to the person in the photograph.

Do I need to bring ID documents in to one of your offices or can I post them?

It is important that you are present when having your ID documents certified and that someone else doesn’t visit one of our offices with your ID documents on your behalf, so that we are able to certify the Photo ID as a “true likeness” of you.

We strongly advise against posting original documents as this can expose you to identity theft if they are lost in the post.

What do I do if I can’t visit one of your offices?

It isn’t a problem if you are not able to visit one of our offices. There are a number of other places that you can visit with your ID documents to have them certified, but be aware they will likely charge you for the service:

  • The Local Post office will certify your documents.
  • You can visit the offices of a solicitor local to you who can certify the documents for you.
  • Your Bank may be agreeable to certifying your documents.
  • You can ask a “registered regulated professional” (i.e. a doctor, nurse…etc.) to certify your documents and they may be agreeable. (We can accept documents certified by a registered regulated professional if they also provide their registration number and we are able to check that number against a central register to authenticate).

If you have your ID documents certified by someone other than Pardoes please ensure:

  • The certified copies are stamped to show they are “copies of the original document” and (in the case of Photo ID) that you, as the person presenting the documents, bare a “true likeness” to the person in the photograph.
  • Make sure you forward the certified documents to us for our file

Will it cause a delay if I can’t visit one of your offices?

If you are unable to visit one of our offices or get a 3rd party to certify documents at the outset of the matter we will still be able to start working on your matter once we have the following:

  • Completed initial paperwork
  • Money on account
  • Completed ID Information Form
  • Copies of your ID documents

By having the above we are able to carry out an Electronic Anti-Money Laundering Check which will provide us with a certificate to start work. However, we will still need to have certified documents on our file before we are able to exchange contracts.

Will you carry out any further ID checks?

It is this firm’s policy to carry out an Electronic Anti-Money Laundering Check on each of our clients, particularly in areas of work involving property/land transactions, where, unfortunately, there is a higher risk of Money Laundering taking place. This protects your interests as well as helping the transaction to proceed as swiftly as possible. The Check may leave a soft mark on your credit rating

If you have any further questions which haven’t been answered above then please feel free to contact one of our offices on 0800 862 0442 for further advice.


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