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Power of Attorney - How we can help

Posted on 16 December 2018 by Catherine Murton

Power of Attorney - How we can help

There is a lot of excitement in the office this month! December is the month of Christmas jumpers, Best Christmas Room Competition (Private Client won last year so the pressure is on!) and a few lovely lunches thrown in. The postman will be delivering numerous parcels to reception for those of us that can’t face the shops and there is a constant flow of chocolates and mince pies.
Unfortunately the winter months also bring lots of bugs that make a particular beeline for the elderly and more vulnerable and often a cold snap or two that makes getting out of the house quite tricky. When we are all busy trying to avoid inviting Great Uncle Bert to share our turkey lunch because last year his teeth fell out in the gravy jug and wrestling with five miles of wrapping paper with a mind of its own there are some less fortunate suffering ill health and worrying whether all of their affairs are in order. Family members often visit over the festive period and we find that in between the mince pies and sherry it is a good time to get people to sign documentation (obviously before the sherry!).

Power of Attorney can be particularly useful during the colder months. It can often be treacherous to make a trip to the shops or bank and Power of Attorney allows a chosen attorney or two to step in and save someone more vulnerable venturing out. Sadly, there will be some people that perhaps require treatment in hospital and, in the majority of cases, they will be fit enough to make their own decisions and talk things through with the medical professionals. However, a Health and Welfare Power of Attorney can be used by the attorneys to make decisions about the most appropriate treatment, should the donor be unconscious or unable to make their own decisions.

December is definitely a month to take advantage of our free home visit service. There is no charge for us to visit you in your own home to take instructions and this means everything you have been worrying about or putting off because it is too hard to get to one of our offices can be sorted out from your own kitchen table.

As the New Year approaches I have also had a look back at the attendances at our legal clinics and these have been quite phenomenal. Every clinic is well attended with Somerton being particularly popular. We have had every type of legal query you could imagine from the retrieval of a yacht from foreign shores after the death of the owner to questions about health and safety in a house in multiple occupation. The most popular questions are still around the making of Wills and whether Wills can be contested. Boundary disputes and issues with trees on properties have also featured heavily.

The clinics are free to everyone and I can speak for the whole of my team when I say that it has been great to meet such a lovely variety of local people and to be able to help wherever we can. No appointment is needed and on the occasions that the query is beyond our expertise we will always find someone in the firm who can help with a call back.

So, as always, please do call in and see us at any of our legal clinics but if access to these and our offices is difficult for you then please let me know and I can arrange a free home visit to discuss your matter. I can be contacted on 01395 382680 or, alternatively, by email at catherine.murton@pardoes.co.uk

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