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The (not so) secret diaries of a Trainee Solicitor

Posted on 17 November 2017 by Ella Carroll

The (not so) secret diaries of a Trainee Solicitor

Back to school…literallyI was lucky enough to be invited back to my old school this week, to speak with pupils at their careers evening and I wanted to elaborate on my 5 top tips for aspiring lawyers:-

1. Work experience

No matter which university you attend, or where you end up working, you will always be asked “why do you want to be a solicitors/barrister?” It is much easier and more persuasive to come up with an answer based on work experience. You will also get asked why you want to be a solicitor over a barrister and vice versa. If you have some work experience in both fields your explanation will be move convincing.

2. CV gold dust

Competition for Training Contracts/Pupillages/most legal jobs is high. Only 35% of those who apply for Training Contracts are successful and only 30% of those who apply get called to the Bar! It is more important than ever to stand out. Thankfully most universities have 100s of clubs/societies you can join from surfing to Sudoku which will help you stand out and have something other than law to talk about in interviews. Firms like you to have other interests as it makes you well rounded with a broad view of life. It really can be anything, I spoke about how I got through the auditions for the tv show “The Chase” in my interview!

3. Start early

Once you have figured out you want to be a lawyer, start working towards that goal. Get work experience, apply to follow a Judge about, start reading the Law Society Gazette, as all will give good practical experience of what being a lawyer actually involves. Maybe find a mentor who is a solicitor/barrister. It also shows you are dedicated to becoming a lawyer.

Next time – do you research and look at funding options!

Stay tuned every other Friday for another instalment…

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