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The (not so) secret diaries of a Trainee Solicitor

Posted on 21 April 2017 by Ella Carroll

The (not so) secret diaries of a Trainee Solicitor

Making it through Lunchtime came and went, I had to start doing some actual work. I then remembered that my new job was in the Property Litigation department and I completely hated Land Law at university (I know I should have figured this out sooner!), I had been so focused on getting a job and compiling a MI6 level dossier on those I would be working with I had overlooked what I would be doing each and every day. I could have given up there and then, at the time I was still planning on only doing the job for the summer so I wouldn’t be losing anything if I had given up. However, I stuck through it and began to realise that everything you are taught at university is utter rubbish. None of it prepares you for the “real world” and indeed, very little of it actually applies in practice! For those going into the law it is so important to try different areas as you may end up loving something you had not even considered. My boss says the last thing she wanted to do was litigation…!

My first week flew by and as a little congrats for surviving, the partner in charge of me bought me a potted plant. It was a lovely gesture but she didn’t know I am the least green-fingered person on the planet. I have killed a cactus before. To this day I am sure my boss judges my performance based on whether this potted plant is flowering, as you can see it is holding on for dear life…

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