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The (not so) secret diaries of a Trainee Solicitor

Posted on 13 April 2017 by Ella Carroll

The (not so) secret diaries of a Trainee Solicitor

My first day The alarm went off which was a massive novelty/major inconvenience having been a night owl and usually slept in until 11am in uni – no one warns you how hard 9-5 is when you usually revise or work until 2am! I got myself ready and off I went. I had butterflies in my tummy the entire 45 minute drive. I pulled into the carpark and sat in the car for as long as I could before it would make me late. Every office has an office mum and thankfully the Yeovil offices’ mum was on reception that day, she is the sort of lady who if you are looking a little sad will give you a massive hug and help fix whatever it is for you. She showed me round the office and introduced me to so many people, I couldn’t keep up. She showed me to my desk which she had already set up with stationary (nothing like new post-it notes to cheer you up when you are completely bricking it!) I was then shown all the computer induction stuff that you forget as soon as you are told as it is happening so quickly.

By lunchtime, the time had finally arrived. The time for me to figure out exactly what a Legal Assistant was.

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