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Tenancy Disputes

Many of our new enquiries relate to tenancy disputes.

Sometimes such disputes can be resolved between landlord and tenant simply by opening the lines of communication. Unfortunately, sometimes lines of communication become so strained that they cannot be retrieved and it means that legal intervention is required.

We will always try and preserve the continuing relationship between your client and their tenant. However, there are times when disputes arise within the tenancy that do need to be given more consideration and this generally arises when landlords have inadvertently breached their obligations under the tenancy agreement. We will provide you with the best advice to rectify any mistakes by the landlords and protect you against any unwanted backlash from disgruntled landlords.

If you approach us in relation to a breach of your client’s obligations to the tenant, we will do everything we can to help remedy the breach and rebuild the relationship between your landlord and the tenant. If both parties are happy to continue the agreement, this is usually a very successful outcome.

Often, landlords will approach us for help when a tenant has already sought legal advice and we are more than able to assist in defending any claims. Again, a combination of constructive criticism, helpful and supportive advice going forward can often resolve disputes. If disputes have gone too far and proceedings are already afoot, we have the skill and experience to support you and ensure you can defend yourself to the best of your ability to resolve the matter at minimal cost.

When we are contacted by landlords, it is usually because the tenant has breached their obligations under the tenancy and again our advice can be useful in swiftly repairing any breakdown in communication. Not all tenancy disputes lead to notices being served and possession proceedings being taken, but of course, if that is the most commercial approach to take, we will advise you of the same.

If you have a tenancy dispute, contact our landlord and tenant/housing specialists today for an initial cost free telephone discussion of your circumstances. Please telephone Bhavani Hogarty on 01935 385987, or alternatively, complete our online enquiry form and a member of the team will contact you as soon as possible.

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