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Funding Options for Litigation

Pursuing or defending disputes can result in significant expenses being incurred.

That is why the Commercial Dispute Resolution team looks to offer a range of funding options. These include:

BTE Before The Event Insurance
Your business may be insured for Legal Expenses. We can check your Policy and will often be able to offer our services through your insurers.

Fixed Fees
For a particular job or a specified level of work.

Normal Hour Rate
At a competitive rate.

Deferred Fees
We would only charge at the end of the case. We usually only offer this if sufficient security is offered.

Conditional Fees also known as “No Win No Fee”
Normally you would only be liable for our fees if we win your case when you can expect a substantial proportion of those costs to be recoverable from your opponent. Additionally, if we are successful we will charge a success fee equivalent to a percentage of our fees. The success fee will reflect the risk we take with your case. We would normally expect this to be settled from the damages paid by your opponent.

After The Event Insurance (ATE)
We can also help arrange insurance called After The Event Insurance (ATE) to cover the risk of having to pay your opponent's costs in the event your claim fails.

The question of how much a case will cost and a cost benefit analysis will be frankly discussed at the outset and kept under review so that informed commercial decisions can be made about the conduct of your case.

Third Party Funding
Third party funding generally operates a scheme whereby in return for a percentage of the damages to be paid by your opponent they will fund your legal fees. There are many options available and we are happy to discuss these with you.

If you would like to make an appointment with a dispute resolution solicitor, contact our team direct on 01278 454431 or freephone 0800 862 0442. Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form and we'll call you back as soon as possible.

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