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Probate and Estate Administration Solicitors

Losing a loved one is never easy and it can be made even more difficult because of the legal formalities.

What is Probate? 

If someone has died and has left a will, it may be necessary to obtain a grant of Probate. A grant of Probate is an official document produced by the Probate Registry that allows the Executors named in a will to ‘step into the shoes’ of the person who has died. The Executors can then administer the estate in accordance with the will. 

If someone has died without making a will, they will have died intestate and it will be necessary to make an application for a grant of letters of administration 

Why do I need Probate? 

Much will depend on how much someone owned in their sole name. For example, if they owned a house, it will be necessary to obtain probate to ensure that any sale can take place. The same will apply if assets in a bank or building society exceed a certain amount. 

How can Pardoes help?

Pardoes can assist with the following:

  • Identify, secure and preserve all the assets in the estate
  • Arrange for valuations of the assets
  • Identify the liabilities
  • Deal with the tax affairs to the date of death
  • Provide inheritance tax advice
  • Complete and submit inheritance tax returns
  • Pay any liabilities, including tax
  • Make the application for the grant of probate
  • Collect in the assets
  • Vest any freehold or leasehold properties in the beneficiaries entitled to them including completing the necessary formalities at the Land Registry
  • Prepare estate accounts
  • Arrange distribution of the estate to the beneficiaries of the will 
  • Administer any trust that is set up under the will

What does it cost?

Much will depend on what you have asked us to do and how complicated the estate is. However, as each case is different, we will discuss the costs at the outset and agree with you how much we will charge before we proceed.

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