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What Our Clients Say

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Fee Structure

We will consider using Conditional Fee Agreement for personal injury cases. We will spend up to 1 hour assessing a case to decide whether we will take it under a Conditional Fee Agreement. We would make no charge for assessing the case.

Under a Conditional Fee Agreement, the other side would make a contribution to the costs in a successful case. The shortfall in the costs payable by the client would not exceed 25% of the compensation for general damages and past losses and expenses.

We may ask you to fund some expenses in the case such as the cost of obtaining medical records, medical reports or a Court fee. A funding scheme for these is available in some circumstances.

We will offer you the option to take out insurance to cover the expenses in your claim. If you take out the insurance, you would not recover the cost of it from the other side and that would be deducted from your compensation.

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