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Section 8 & Section 21 Notices

Have you received a notice that you do not understand?

Is the notice headed Section 8 or Section 21?

It is always worrying when a notice unexpectedly lands on your doormat. Many tenants will simply not want to acknowledge the notice and many will simply ignore the notice in the hope that your landlord will not bother you any further. It is always important to respond to a notice because not all notices mean that you are going to lose your home.

Section 8 notices

Although quite long and demanding, they can often be used as a warning notice so that you can open up lines of communication with your landlord and remedy any default that has occurred. Section 8 notices are used when there is a breach of the tenancy agreement and generally, when there are rent arrears.

Section 21 notices

Such notices require no reason and usually provide 2 months notice for you to leave the property. On occasions you will believe that you have annoyed your landlord and that is why he is serving a section 21 notice but genuinely, lots of landlords are now regaining possession of their property simply because they need to live in it. Providing the section 21 notice is served correctly, it is unlikely that you will be able to argue at court that you should not be served with a possession order. If that is the case, you should start to look for alternative accommodation as soon as you are able to do so and we can assist in pointing you in the right direction.

However, there are landlords who do not understand the rules surrounding serving correct notices and we are able to advise and assist as to whether a notice i.e. is invalid or has been served correctly and/or whether you do have a defence to the landlord’s application for possession.


It is not pleasant being threatened with eviction from your home. We can offer you advice on any papers served on you by your landlord and any potential defence that may be open to you.

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