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Mediation is a structured process which participants enter into to seek to resolve a dispute with the assistance of an impartial third party. Mediation is often regarded as a cost-effective alternative to attending court and can avoid a drawn out litigation process and the stresses and strains that go with that as well as considerably reducing the costs. The process allows participants to reach mutual agreement without a judge being involved, meaning that they have more control of the outcome. The Mediator will assist all participants in recognising potential alternative and acceptable outcomes.

The role of the Mediator is to facilitate the interactions between participants and to use a variety of techniques to allow those involved to reach a resolution that all are satisfied with. The process is interactive and requires the participants to enter into it willing to look for a compromise to enable them to reach a settlement.

At Pardoes we recognise that emotions can often run high where litigation is contemplated or underway and also in a variety of situations which can arise in the workplace. In these situations Mediation can be extremely helpful in achieving a successful outcome for all participants that may not have been achievable either through formal court or employment processes. One benefit of Mediation is that it can include non monetary aspects as part of achieving settlements which could not be achieved via the Courts.

Partner Maeve Vickery is qualified as an accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator and Workplace and Employment Mediator.

Maeve has over 25 years experience in employment work including working in–house with a multinational PLC and with one of the largest local authorities in the country. With a background in disputes (both in employment and a wider commercial context) as a barrister and solicitor, Maeve has the necessary skills to facilitate fairly and objectively between participants who may not otherwise have been able to communicate effectively or achieve an acceptable outcome.

If you are interested in mediation and would like to discuss this further please contact Maeve Vickery at maeve.vickery@pardoes.co.uk or telephone 01823 446210.

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