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Pay As You Go Family Law

Putting you in full control of your family case.

Pardoes Pay As You Go Family Law is a new approach to legal services, designed to reduce your legal costs and put you in full control of your case.

With access to online DIY divorce services, more and more people are handling their divorce or family matter themselves, only to encounter difficulties along the way with the more complex aspects of their matter such as the family finances. This can cause you future legal costs if mistakes are made.

Pardoes Pay As You Go is a new approach to legal services, designed to reduce your legal costs and allow you to have full control of your case. Instead of instructing a lawyer to manage your case from start to finish, you represent yourself, seeking the help of a family lawyer only when you need it. Pay As You Go Family Law allows you to take control of your own paperwork, with peace of mind knowing that our highly skilled family law specialists are on hand when you need them.

Why choose Pay As You Go?

  • Control - You remain in control of your case acting ‘in person’ and are the first point of contact.

  • Costs - By undertaking the work yourself, you will only pay for the advice you need.

  • Flexibility - You can change to our full representation service at any time should you find your case gets too complicated.

  • Speed - Because you are in control of your own case, you can work at your own speed.

  • Experience - If you decide you want legal help or representation, our team of family law specialists are highly experienced and can offer advice that can make all the difference to the outcome for you.

Who is this suitable for?

This service is suitable for you if you do not mind undertaking the work yourself to reduce your legal costs. You will act ‘in person’, remaining in control of your case and be the first point of contact. You only come to see us when you need our expert help. If you feel you need additional advice and assistance, you can transfer to our full representation service at any time.

We can help in the following areas:

Divorce/Civil Partnership
We can advise you about the divorce process so that you can draft the paperwork accurately whether you are a Petitioner or a Respondent. We can help you if your spouse will not co-operate.

We will explain the legal issues to you if you are involved in contact, residence, adoption and special guardianship applications. We will help you with referrals to mediation and drafting the paperwork accurately. We can advise you about the process if the case goes to Court and how to deal with a CAFCASS officer or barrister.

Sometimes the Court has to resolve disagreements about the family finances. At other times the Court only needs to approve the agreement you have already reached. We can help you reach an agreement and to draft the appropriate paperwork accurately.

Court Hearings
 You may decide you can complete all the form filling yourself but just want help at Court. If you want a family lawyer to represent you at a Court hearing, we will agree in advance a fee for that work. We can help you instruct a barrister directly.

How does it work?

Just make an appointment to see one of our Family Team. We will follow up the meeting with a personal letter and provide further information to enable you to act ‘in person’. We will give clear advice to help you with the detail and strategy required to pursue your case.

You may decide you only need to see us once and can handle the case yourself going forward. Alternatively, you may want further advice during the later stages of your case at which point you can book another meeting with us for an additional fee. You decide how often you need to take advice. Your consultation will last up to 1 hour and we will advise you on your specific issues.

How much does it cost?

You only pay for the advice you receive from us in the face to face meeting. A 30 minute personal consultation with a family lawyer will cost £99 + VAT. When you attend the meeting, you should be prepared to pay us the fixed fee in advance using either a credit or debit card.

For further information on Pardoes Pay As You Go Family Law, or to arrange an appointment with one of our Family Team, contact us on 01823 446200. Alternatively, freephone on 0800 862 0442 or submit an online enquiry and we'll contact you as soon as possible. 

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