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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a way to try and resolve issues, whether they be about children or finances. It is not about reconciliation. There are different types of counselling for that.

What happens in Mediation?

In mediation the couple meet with a neutral third party specifically trained in family mediation. Mediators are often experienced family lawyers. Sometimes mediation can involve a co-mediator for example an experienced social worker or family therapist if the couple feel it is necessary for them. The mediator will discuss the costs with you before you start.

Mediation is a voluntary process. You determine the agenda and the mediator facilitates your negotiations. You try and reach a mutually acceptable agreement, but no outcome is imposed upon you. If you cannot reach agreement, then you can still seek other ways to resolve matters such as working through your solicitors or applying to the court.

If mediation is successful, you may still want a court order. This is especially important in financial cases where, for example, you cannot share pensions without the appropriate court order. In such a case you can instruct your mediator to send the financial disclosure and the draft agreement to the solicitor. Your solicitor will advise you on the implications of the agreement and will draft the appropriate court order for you. It is not ususally necessary to personally attend court to obtain the order.

We can refer you to independent third party mediators. The mediator will meet with you initially to advise you of the cost and the procedure. This first meeting can be without your spouse/partner, but you can ask the mediator to meet with both of you together.

Mediation is a very useful way of trying to resolve issues, but if it is not successful, it can at least narrow down the issues so that you know the specific areas of disagreement that require further work.  

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