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Updated Furlough Guidance

Posted on 6 April 2020 by Maeve Vickery

Updated Furlough Guidance

This weekend the Government updated the guidance on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme providing some useful clarification.

  • The following can be furloughed;

                1) Staff who are “shielding” i.e. those living with someone in a vulnerable group                      and unable to work from home
                2) Staff who have to remain at home to look after children
                3) Office holders including company directors
                4) “Workers” who are not employees
                5) Agency workers
                6) Nannies and cleaners provided they are paid via PAYE
                7) Staff who left for any other reason after 28 February 2020 with continuity of                        employment preserved

  • Staff on furlough should be encouraged to undertake training with salaries “topped up” to the NMW in respect of time spent training if the furloughed wage is lower
  • Wages, past overtime, fees and compulsory commissions payments can be claimed
  • Discretionary bonuses, tips and commission payments and non cash payments cannot be claimed
  • Taxable non-monetary benefits including company cars and private health insurance cannot be claimed
  • ACAS guidance has been updated to say that furloughed employees can still take their holiday in the usual way including bank holidays

If you need more information on the Scheme and how to implement it, contact our office to speak with our friendly qualified team.

Government guidance www.gov.uk
ACAS guidance www.acas.org.uk

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